Being a preschool co-op member means that you give an extra bit of your time, and in return, you help create an enriched learning environment for your child and his or her classmates. With parents assisting in the program, our adult-child ratio is usually 1:4, allowing our teachers and assistant teachers to give each child individualized attention.

Parents contribute by attending orientation prior to the first day of school, choosing a preschool job to assist in the running of the school, assisting in the classroom approximately once a month, and attending at least three of four evening meetings throughout the school year.

As a Co-op Parent You Will Gain:

  • Time to observe your child and others in a group setting
  • A solid knowledge of what your child does and learns at school
  • Useful ideas for helping your child at home and in the world around them
  • Access to experts on child development at meetings and at conferences
  • A voice in the administration and operation of your child’s school
  • Insight into childhood behavior and development
  • Resources and ideas to use at home that allow you to reinforce and build upon what your child learns at school
  • Support and friendship during the joyous and trying times of parenting young children
  • An opportunity to get to know other parents, share experiences, and develop friendships
  • A chance to contribute your abilities and discover hidden talents within yourself
mrs rummel